What I'm Offering Service

A core service of Siegerdesigns is 3D livery design
Design Developement 3D Livery Design Design Developement
From a first draft to a finalized motorsport design, we include sponsors and mandatory logos in a rich and full 3D design environment, including multiple drafts leading to satisfying results.
Studio Rendering Service
Design Visualization 3D Studio Rendering Design Visualization
High-fidelity 3D studio renderings offer an opportunity to showcase your 3D liveries to fans, managers, team owners, stakeholders, and even sponsorship acquisitions.
One of Siegerdesigns' services is On Track Renderings
Design Release 3D OnTrack Rendering Design Release
3D presentation of the finalized livery in realistic racing environment. Useable for marketing purposes, press releases and social media.
2D Design Service such as Trucks transporting race car to various venues.
Team Design 2D Motorsport Design Team Design
After completion of your new racing design, we create layouts for trucks, pitwalls, racing suits, matching your new team identity and corporate design.
Another service is print design, such as autograph cards.
Fan Merchandise Print Graphics Fan Merchandise
Ready to print concepts of herocards and posters. From first draft to finalized layout concepts with appealing racing style for your fans.
Car Wrapping Data service
Precise real life realization Car Wrapping Data Precise real life realization
Vectorizing shapes and logos of your 3D liveries in a scale of 1/10, for a precise & fast wrapping process for any car wrapper around the world.
Screenshot of McLaren 720S GT3 in Assetto Corsa Competizione
Esports Skins Sim Racing Design Esports Skins
Adapt your real racing team liveries to the striving virtual sim racing world. We provide support for teams in iRacing, Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Competizione.
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